December 25, 2008 – Special Yearly Apparition

At the last daily apparition to Jakov Colo on September 12th, 1998, Our Lady told him that henceforth he would have one apparition a year, every December 25th, on Christmas Day. This is also how it was this year. The apparition began at 9:49 am and lasted 6 minutes.

Our Lady gave the following message:


Dear children!  Today, in a special way, I call you to pray for peace. Without God you cannot have peace or live in peace. Therefore, little children, today on this day of grace open your hearts to the King of peace, for Him to be born in you and to grant you His peace – and you be carriers of peace in this peaceless world. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

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11 Responses to December 25, 2008 – Special Yearly Apparition

  1. Dorothy Burke says:

    It is so amazing on just reading about the apparation, the feeling I got from it….so special and so peaceful. It is exciting!

  2. Lenin Strezovski says:

    Is the apparition at Medjugorje is aproved by the Vaeica council Benedix VI?

  3. admin says:

    The apparitions are still under investigation by a Vatican committee.

  4. Don Burch says:

    I find Mary’s messages, in Medugorje, to be extremely
    important! Peace! If you desire and long for peace –
    then peace is here in all of Mary’s messages to the
    world! Everlasting praise, love, and thanks be to God our Eternal
    Father, to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to the Holy
    Spirit, and to our spiritual Mother – the Blessed Virgin Mary!
    Peace to All,
    Don Burch

  5. Peter White says:

    “Peace” really does begin with each and every one of us. If only our “rush-rush, faster-faster, ultra competitive world” would get that message !

  6. Carmela D'Amelio says:

    Please pray for me, Joseph Cunningham, Sister Patrice Marie Moran, S.C., Jerry D’Amelio, Anthony D’Amelio. Please let Joseph Cunningham come to New Jersey as soon as possible in good health. That he gets a job and an apartment right away. We need a miracle right away. I know it is the last miracle and I love that Mary comes to us and talks to us. I cannot solve my problems without Mary.

  7. Carmela D'Amelio says:

    Please pray for the health of Carmela D’Amelio, Joseph Cunningham, Sister Patrice Marie Moran, S.C., Jerry D’Amelio, Anthony D’Amelio. It is very appreciated. Thank You Mary for coming to warn us and helping us. I love You very much.

  8. PMK says:

    Please pray for the bishops and priests around the world, that they handle all cases of abuse by clergy and religious with love and compassion for the victims and their families, that they will not abandon their needs, especially their spiritual needs. Please pray that the hierarchy of the Church will not try to hide this terrible wrong but be seen to do what is morally right and just. Please pray for those responsible for such crimes against children, that they repent and accept punishment under the law. The greatest evil is the evil within and the Church will lose many, many vocations and many more will lose their faith if, as Catholics, we are seen to permit or cover up such a terrible wrong. We cannot hope to convince the world that all life is precious and should be cherished if scandals are allowed to multiply. I write as one greatly pained by these issues on a personal level.

  9. Rosemary Pellegrini Petit says:

    I don’t think that Our Virgin Mary comes down from Heaven and delivers messages of peace just for fun. There is a very serious reason that She appears to various visionaries around the world and this message is one and the same – pray for peace, a peace that is spiritual and can only be obtained by prayer – the Rosary, which Our Lady desires and asks from us. If only we could imagine the enormous amount of graces and blessings derived from the recitation of the rosary, then we would not lose time in worthless activities. No matter how many hardships we encounter in our lives, if we say the rosary with devotion then we can experience such heavenly relief which Mary our Mother concedes to us who call on her. Thank You, Mary, for always being there to hear my moans and groans, helping me to bear up for the love of Jesus.

  10. Active Princess says:

    I am in agreement with Rosemary,
    and I think it is high time that we pass on
    this gift of the Rosary to our Soldiers
    everywhere in the world engaged in Battle.
    May the Rosary fall into their hands some how.
    They could really turn the tide in their favor
    and Our Lady would safeguard their lives
    if they would just have a Rosary in their hand
    or pocket at a moments respite
    just forsake all thoughts of difficulty and concern
    and pray the Rosary to Mary.
    I ask all to pray for this Intention of mine.
    That the Rosary be given to Soldiers in Battle.
    Thank you.