Feast of St. James

feature-saint_jamesToday is the Feast of St. James the Apostle and the patron of the parish church of Medugorje.  The church of St. James was founded in 1892.  The original church was built across and off to the right from the current building.  All the remains is the foundation and a small park.  It is marked by large walls and gates and is at the center of the traffic circle in Medugorje.  The current church was begun in 1940 and completed in 1969.  When it was designed in 1939, no one could understand why such a large church was needed.  God works in mysterious ways!  In His providence, it is probably the busiest parish church in the world.  Masses begin daily at 7:00 am and continue until early afternoon in many languages of the world.  If you visit St. James in Medugorje, you will hear Mass in Croatian, English, Italian, French, German and may also hear it in a vast number of other languages, depending on the needs of pilgrims on a given day.  The evening Mass for Peace is celebrated in Croatian and Latin with the Gospel read in the languages of the Priests present.  How providential it is that St. James is the patron of pilgrims.

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