We're back!

You may have wondered what happened to the website.  A few days ago, some of my websites had been hacked and this one was among them.  Somehow, somebody placed something from the Disney website at the bottom of the page and it played music with talking.  We’ll, I panicked and tried to fix it, but wiped out the site completely.  Thanks to the great support staff at Network Solutions, they were able to restore the site and I found the malicious code and removed it.

You may find broken links and missing pictures.  First, try refreshing the page, that fixed some for me.  If that doesn’t work, please copy the url of the page that is a problem and send me an eMail so I can fix it.

God bless,
Fr. Finelli

PS: If you did not receive the latest message, that is due to my breaking the page.  Please click on the link for January 25th.

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