Vatican commission to investigate Medugorje

Although it is not yet confirmed by the Vatican, the Catholic News Agency is reporting that the Holy Father has put together a Vatican approved team to investigate the apparitions of Medugorje.  In June, it will be the 29th anniversary of the first apparition.  Since the first day in 1981, millions of pilgrims, including thousands of priests, hundreds of bishops and even a few cardinals have visited the site and many of the same clerics have stated publicly their belief in the apparitions.  This will indeed be interesting.  Let’s wait to hear the official word of the Vatican and who will be on the commission.

Read the story here.

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One Response to Vatican commission to investigate Medugorje

  1. i would gladly lay down my life ? for medugorje as my freinds arrive today with the ashes of my late daughter barbara who suffered so much through cancer , they will scatter her remains in the holy grounds of this holy village were i first pilgrimaged in 1994 , were we traveled by plane and bus through war torn bosnia ? in those days medugorje …was medugorje ? but i feel something has changed , and i miss very much the franciscan preists fr jozo not being there? i also feel that ourlady is not very happy also ,last year my daughter and i were there , but she was very ill, as the masses of chemo she was given was taken her down quickly? destroying what was left of her immune system which finaly killed her? but out of all her suffering there has emerged her ozone therapy trust charity based on the the bob beck prodocol of which is curing many in scotland and all round the world? i beleive this is what ourlady means when she says let it be gods will? ….he knows best? praise the lord and my daughter barbara now in heaven with all the angels ? this is what my wife and i would like to happen to us , when we it is our time to leave this earth? god bless you all