I saw two suns in Medugorje, in 1993

Recreation of a phenomena of two suns that I personally  witnessed in 1993, in Medugorje.

Recreation of a phenomena of two suns that I personally witnessed in 1993, in Medugorje.

“Two Suns?  Twin Stars Could Be Visible From Earth By 2012” is the title of an article on The Huffington Post that gives the scenario where we could see two suns in the sky.  Along with the article, there is a photo illustration of what it would look like.  As soon as I saw the picture, it was like a flashback.  I remembered my first pilgrimage to Medugorje, during the anniversary in June of 1993.  One day, we were sitting in the gazebo behind the church waiting for Fr. Petar to speak.  He is the priest who was chosen by Mirjana to revel the secrets when the time arrives.  Anyway, we were seated on the west side of the gazebo, facing Cross Mountain. W were sitting in the permanent benches on the right hand side, inside the gazebo, facing the mountain.

As with most things in Medugorje, there are long waits if you want a good seat to hear someone speak.  For some reason, I looked to my right, through the glass panel and saw what appeared to be two suns, one above the other.  When I pointed to what I saw, a good number of the people also saw it, but, not everyone did.

The two suns did the same thing as people experience in the “miracle of the sun”.  They moved around in circular motions and were surrounded by streaks of colored light.  This continued for about 25 or 30 minutes, until the two suns merged together.

What did that “sign” mean?  Was there a message in it?  I really don’t know.  I have always struggled with the purpose behind all of this phenomena.  The Franciscan priests are always telling the people not to look at the sun, but when something like this happens, you seem to be drawn to it.  Another mystifying thing is that as some people see these “signs” in the sun, others can’t look because of the brightness.  I have been on both sides of that fence.  I still ask what it all mean, and have no answer.  Maybe it has something to do with the future.  Or it might just be a small way of the Lord, reminding us that He is present in our lives.

Whatever those two suns were and the other “miracles” of the sun that I have witnessed mean, I don’t know.  But this I do know, I can never forget!

Read the article on the Huffington Post.

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  1. Colette Cousineau says:

    wow what a story !!… and to confirm this vision of the two suns, well a very good friend of mine was driving out of town and her husband and herself saw exactly the same vision of the two suns, one over the other and coming together and this happened this last December 2010. ”It was awesome and unbelievable” was their exact words …. also the lower sun sort of departed from the sky and coming toward them and just stopping in mid air in the upper front of them and while she was praying in her heart saying: ”yes, I will accept You, Divine Will, come….” it stood there for a few seconds and went back underneath the other sun and then merged together. Her husband’s was at the wheel and always felt he had the control of the vehicle throughout the event. They are not people to imagine or get emotionally carried away by sightings because they are ordinary down to earth good catholic folks.
    Thank you for giving the opportunity to testify … and my God and the Virgin Mother assist us !!!!

  2. Jose says:

    In 1989 my wife and I saw the “miracle of the sun” in Medugorje; it was spectacular.

  3. Steve says:

    Is Jesus warning us to take heed to His counsel before some great celestial body such as a second sun approaches the earth during the 100th Anniversary of the Miracle at Fatima?
    Something to ponder and pray about….
    God’s Will Be Done

    The 100th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun of Fatima will occur 13 Oct 2017.

    At Fatima in 1917, the sun came down from the sky, emitting great heat and dried the soaking wet earth, which is symbolic of the burning of the earth described in Malachi 4:1 “For behold the day shall come kindled as a furnace: and all the proud, and all that do wickedly shall be stubble: and the day that cometh shall set them on fire, saith the Lord of hosts, it shall not leave them root, nor branch.”

    On November 28, 2009, Jesus gave this message to Vassula Ryden
    “The heat of Your Breath will put aflame the earth turning it into a waste!
    From the horizon a star will be seen; The night will be ravaged and ashes
    will fall as snow in winter, covering Your people like ghosts;…

    • medugorje says:

      Vassula’s messages were condemned by the Sacred Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith under Cardinal Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI!

      • As a matter of record, Vassula’s writings were not condemned and it was Cardinal Ratzinger nhimself who said this. In answer to a question (in the Italian journal “30 Days”) He was asked about the Notification. He said it is not a condemnation but a warning. At that point no proper canonical investigation had taken place. Fr. Michael O’Carroll (RIP) had been preparing a dossier, but the Notification was issued before he had a chance to present it. The original Notification was not signed. Bishop Terra (Brazil) who was then working at the Pontifical Biblical Institute personally asked Cardinal Ratzinger (on his return to Rome) about the Notification and was told, everything is alright, continue as before but with great care (I paraphrase but you can see the exact report on video on tlig.org). Also, with the help of Fr. Prospero Grech (now a cardinal) who had worked for the CDF, Vassula answered all the questions put by the Notification. Following this Cardinal Ratzinger remarked (to Dr. Niels Hvidt) “She has answered well”. He then said that her answers were useful clarifications. When asked what the CDF response would be to subsequent questions he gave the answer, “the position has been modified”. Incidenatally, Cardinal Ratzinger insisted that her answers should be made available ONLY (at the outset) in her books. In other words, it is alright to have the books (otherwise one would not have access to her answers). I could go on but this should suffice for now.

        • admin says:

          Maybe the word “condemned” is not correct.

          However, the Vatican requested that all diocese stop the dissemination of her messages and saw them as NOT being of supernatural origin. There are five (5) Notifications/ Letters from the Vatican. You can find them all on EWTN’s website here. You can also find Vasula’s denunciation of Vasula. On Rorate Caeli, The Original Report and the Official Report. No offense meant, however, I take it as a clear and unambiguous sign to stay clear of her and her messages.

  4. debra says:

    The visionaries of Garabandal Spain told of some future event where it appeared that two stars seem to colide. Could this possibly have something to do with the two suns?

  5. R. says:

    I have also seen two suns in the sky but it would of been 1994 I believe in New Zealand. I was nearly home driving along and my son I think about 6 said Mum there are two suns in the sky so we stopped at our home and watched it and they were the same size then I thought I would get my sun glasses out of the car and see if I could see something else in the image and as I did my son said the two suns went into one.

  6. Yolanda says:

    I visited Medjugorje in 1997 for the first time. Many miracles for me in that trip. One was of seeing 2 suns one afternoon. I and another pilgrim with our group sat on the benches in the back outside altar by ourselves quietly looking at the sunset and lost in our thoughts.

    I was quiet when the miracle of the suns occurred because I did not want to speak about an experience she might not be having. I did not want to hurt her feelings. But then she turned to me and said , “Are you seeing what I’m seeing?” I said “two suns” and she said yes, two suns.

    We just sat there and continue to enjoy this tremendous miracle. We both took it to our hearts and as a great gift from God. A sun for me and a sun for her. I did not even think about the light difference or the how we could look directly at them with them with out the suns hurting our eyes. At the end I remember thinking that there was nothing God could not do.

    Believing that all things are possible with God is a great gift.

  7. Byzcat says:

    Perhaps it was an optical illusion or auto-suggestion. It also could be a false vision. I wouldn’t be so quick to attribute it to the Lord, if I were you.

    • medugorje says:

      I was the first to see it, and I know what I saw very clearly. The other thing, was that some saw it and others did not. Either we would have all seen it or, none of us would it it was an “illusion or auto-suggestion”. In fact, when I pointed it out, I did not say what I saw, I said, what do you see?

  8. maryanna says:

    I wonder if this miracle has to do with a warning of the future antichrist? Only because he will want to imitate the True Son. Maybe if this happens in 2012 it is a warning for Gods people that the tribulation before an Era of Peace has begun and the false one is active. Just a thought. What a blessing to see!

  9. denise tomlinson says:

    I never heard of this before it is truly awesome!

  10. S.P. says:

    *** In one of the more spectacular messages given to Gianna Talone Sullivan, seeing the two suns on the horizon was a sign indicating some major events were close to taking place (see the website: wwwdotprourlady of emmitsburgdotorg) … FYI: Regarding her legitimacy and the church commission, I refer you to wwwdotourladyofemmitsburgdotcom + five points … the blogger distills any objections and the proper responses into 5 points, far better than I could have said it.

  11. Mary Saign says:

    I had no Idea that Vassula’s messages were condemned. I still recieve her Messages in the mail although I do not support her in any way.

  12. PFO says:

    Living in Medjugorje from 1997 to 2002, I can remember seeing only one seemingly super-natural phenomenon, which was the white light of the Cross on Kriezevac the first night I arrived. Thereafter, I told Gospa she need not show me any more signs, my very presence there was a super-natural event, but to show them instead to those more in need for faith.

    I appreciate you picture at the top of this page Father Finelli, as I had the pleasure to help the men of Bijakovici & Podbrdo carry the base and this Kipu u Gospa up the steep rocky trail in September of 2001.

    My ‘other super-natural’ moment came when I observed the piety of the men as they gently hoisted Gospa onto her pedestal. Especially moving was the original ‘Ivan’ weeping quietly as he knelt to pray and contemplate that day 20 years before when he saw Gospa on the same hill holding the Baby Jesus and motioning for he and the others to come to Her. The next day Ivan decided such activities were for children and went to the fields, only to have his place taken by a younger Ivan.

    I can’t imagine what thoughts flowed through the heart and mind of my friend Ivan as he knelt there that day.

  13. S.P. says:

    God bless you for sharing this, Father. +++ FYI: I found the date of the message given to Gianna Talone Sullivan in a blog:
    A private message to Gianna Talone Sullivan was given to her on Memorial Day, May 26, 2008, by Our Lady of Emmitsburg. In this message Our Lady introduced the idea of “stars aligning and moving in their own orbits.” Mary says that this event, which could come: “ sooner than you know, could result in the death of 70% of this world’s population.”

    In Our Lady of Emmitsburg’s Public Message to the World on June 1, 2008, she says: “When you see the two suns on the horizon, you must know that this is a time of change, a time of this new beginning about which I have spoken to you before. After you see the two suns, there is only a short time before you will see a tremendous change in weather…I can tell you this: Even your governments and the Church authorities already have knowledge of the stars aligning and its implication upon you…Approximately 60-70% of the world’s population, as you know it, will cease. Of those who survive, 60% of them could die of disease and starvation.”

    However, Our Lady of Emmitsburg continues to offer us hope. She says that: “PRAYER IS THE ANSWER! PRAYER CAN MITIGATE MUCH OF ANYTHING TO COME. Love and unity must be at the forefront, not survival of the fittest.”
    The blogger then goes on to recount the events at Fatima and the Miracle of the Sun and the message of Our Lady to repent and turn back to God.

  14. i was raised and am a baptized and confirmed roman catholic. i have been searching since high school what the truth really is. i never read a bible till 10 years ago. 10 pastors in different churches i spoke to gave me grave errors about almighty god and his church. much different than what i was taught before 1965. i prayed to the mother of god and my patron saint padre pio since i have been accepted by san giavanni rotunda to be his spiritual child. they told me the truth would only be found from a very holy monk superior general, st. anthony’s monastery,kennebunkport,maine. i have been under his spiritual direction for 5 years. he is the only priest and monk who is and knows the truth about god and where we are in this crucial period of time in the church and the world. also i have been enrolled by them in the “white army” fr. gobbi’s book entitled marian movement of priests locutions and messages the mother of god has given him since 1973. all of the rest of the catholic hierarchy a great number are practicing freemasonry and are bringing on this anti-christ movement and are building as of now a powerful idol a statue 666 which seals on the right hand and forehead to buy or sell for 3 1/2 years. question all your leaders in the catholic church now many are false and leading you to perdition. also christians in this country are going to be persecuted. your only safe refuge now ark of the new covenant mother of god. consecrating yourself daily to her and praying holy rosary! pray without ceasing! call fr. john basavecious at monastary. be faithful to almighty god and his beautiful only begotten son. god bless you all in this evil period. a devotee to blessed virgin mary mother of god!