Fatima Conference in Rome

I have received eMails and seen comments of people attend a Fatima Conference in Rome.  This conference is put together by Fr. Nicholas Gruner, founder of the Fatima Network.  Please note that Fr. Gruner is was suspended by the Catholic Church and his appeal of the suspension was rejected by the Apostolic Signature, the Church’s highest court. When a priest is suspended, he may only offer the sacraments in emergency.  If he hears confession, the absolution is invalid.  Do not be deceived into believing otherwise!  Fr. Gruner’s website debates his suspension, however, the Church has spoken and his status will not change until the Church repeals the suspension.  For more information about the suspension of Fr. Nicholas Gruner, see the document on the EWTN website: “Fr. Gruner, Fátima Crusader, Catholic Family News“. Please pray for Fr. Gruner.

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2 Responses to Fatima Conference in Rome

  1. niel capasso says:

    nonsense if he hears confession his absolution is not invalid , where did you hear this stupidity from the church janitor.