Are the apparitions coming to an end?

Our LadySince the latest message, of December 25th, there has been a great deal of buzz on the internet. The reason for this buzz is that the message on Christmas Day did not come from Our Lady as it usually does, it came from the “little Jesus she carried in her arms.” The message was given as follows:

Our Lady came with little Jesus in her arms and she did not give a message, but little Jesus began to speak and said : “I am your peace, live my commandments.” With a sign of the cross, Our Lady and little Jesus blessed us together.

This indeed was a first, but should we assume that because the message was from Jesus and not Mary that there is some hidden meaning? Many are assuming that the message coming from Jesus means that the apparitions are nearing their end. They may be correct, but I don’t think so. Michael Brown from Spirit Daily has his commentary on the event. Indeed, Michael is right that this is a very rare happening. For the past 31 years, since the apparitions began in Medugorje, Our Lady is the one who has been speaking. There have been numerous times that Jesus has appeared in Our Lady’s apparition as a child in her arms. In fact, in the first days, Our Lady came with the child Jesus in her arms.

However, I don’t think that Jesus speaking is that extraordinary, considering all of the events of Medugorje. The apparitions of Medugorje defy all traditional understanding of  apparitions in comparison to the past. The fact that the apparitions have continued for over 31 years is a cause of alarm in itself for many people. Many good and faithful Catholics are divided on the the apparitions, some believe, others don’t and many just don’t care either way.

Yes, it is unique that Jesus spoke instead of Our Lady, but we are in unique times. Millions have visited Medugorje, but Millions have not converted. I wonder why God is so patient with us. Abortion, same-sex marriage, pedophilia (they’ll try to make that a “human right next), legalizing marijuana and the list goes on and on. A good friend of mine who has a unique relationship with the Lord tells me all the time that we have a lot more to suffer. Maybe the Lord feels that if He speaks, it will wake us up. However, there is one I know one thing for sure, we all have to do our part, but only a divine intervention will change our sick world.

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