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  1. I wento to Medugorje last month. I´m brazilian and My sister and me loved this place…..
    This place is wonderful and the Mother´s presence is contant….
    I cryed every day and today I can fell her presence……

    Every day I pray at 2:45pm here in Brazil for you is 6h45pm…

    I would like to reveice messages from Medugorje. Is it possible?

  2. I have just come back from spending Christmas in Medugorje and I have to say it has been the best Christmas of my life. I loved every minute of it, the peace, the prayerfulness of the people. I hope to be back there next year again P.G. Its just so peaceful and Our Lady is right beside you, touching you and guilding you. I love Medugorje.

  3. Medugorje is an amazing place which Mother Mary is using to transform the Earth! I don’t know one person who has gone to Medugorje and hasn’t felt a change in their hearts drawing them closer to the hearts of Jesus and especially Mary. I have been to Medugorje twice, so far, the first time on a pilgrimage with some fellow Canadians, and the second time for the Youth Festival. I would have to say that they were both life changing experiences that will never leave my mind!!! I pray that all people everywhere may experience the same peace that I have felt, and still feel from Mother Mary at Medugorje!! If I could I would take everyone to Medugorje to experience it, but that just isn’t possible, so instead pray that somehow I can be a light to others in need. Thank you Fr. Finelli for this website which is an excellent guide for many!!

  4. Oh Medugorje! Yes what a place to visit. I wish I can go every year to recharge.
    I went there in 2005 – the following year i wanted to go back so bad but i dont have enough money to go. I found out that most of the people in 2005 is going back, so I prayed I said Mama Mary with your permission i want to go back to Medjugorje but i dont have money – and i know this radio station who is giving away $1,000.00 – so i ask her to allow me to win and sure enough i won and thats why i was able to go back in 2006- and when i climbed the apparition hill before that we stop at the blue cross and there a small stone/rock caught my eye and i pick it up i said this is a Blessed Hill so i might as well take up something and i did put the small rock in my pocket. While climbing the hill i went ahead and keep going – when i got to the top i dont see any body behind me – so i said im lost and i ran back down and got lost again so i ask for the blue cross when some of the elderly that cannot climb stayed there and they were still there praying the Rosary-so i climb back and again got lost in the same area-so I prayed to Papa Pio for help/guidance and sure enough i saw a man in blue from the other end meditating so I ask him where is the apparition site and he pointed at it just right to the left -i was exausted so i just knelt in front of the big white Mama Mary statue and i dont know where my prayer came from. All i said was Mama Mary please give me a new heart – i live/give you my heart and give me a new heart. then i saw a priest i knelt in front of him and ask for a blessing. When i got back to my hotel room and put out the rock from my pocket and guess what
    the shape was heart. Deep in my heart our Blessed Mother gave me a new heart-i was a different person when i came back…AMEN

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