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  1. How beautiful is that?
    That God, Who is the Best and Greatest God
    above all other gods,
    would design such a thing as “Covenant”,
    and create Us in such a way
    that We would long to enter into that
    intimate, covenant-relationship with God.
    He longs to be intimate with Us
    and that is a sign of His Love
    not only that We would belong to Him
    and that He could take Us to Himself in Love
    but He wants to enter into dialogue with Us
    and know what We are thinking.
    Hatred disguised as Love
    would not operate in this way.
    It wants to make Us unhappy
    and make Us believe that no other Love exists.
    We must break those bonds and secret consents
    We made with Evil when We were once in Its arms.
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    God wants Our Happiness.
    His Love is Unique and Genuine and tailor-made for Each of Us.
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    by Pope John Paul the Great
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    Thank you for your attention.
    Texas, USA

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