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Why Obama Video? — 10 Comments

  1. Father, thank you for showing this video, it is so short but explains so much, some people just do not get it straight away, they shoud think before reacting,I have so many friends who are pro abortion even catholics, so sad, easy to blame this or that…,but we have to be strong opiniated and believe, God Bless.

  2. Dear Father Finelli,
    When I first saw this ad, I thought it was great! Hopefully, it will make President Obama think really hard about his position on abortion. Let us all remember to keep praying for his change of heart. God bless!

  3. Please pray for every single person who is having surgery right now, they need the hand of God to guide the surgeons and the love of Mary to assist in their healing.

    God bless us all.

    Ohh lord Jesus Christ send now your Spirit to earth so the heart of all of Nations be preserved from degeneration, disaster and war, may Our Lady of all Nations who once was Mary, be our advocate, AMEN.

  4. As Catholics we recite our creed at each mass we attend. Within the creed, we hold that “we believe in the Holy Spirit, the Lord, the GIVER OF LIFE . . . (take a moment and really think about this) the GIVER OF LIFE . . . Now, if we truly believe this to be the case, does it not mean that the holy innocents are destined for a purpose uniquely their own and given by God Himself!!? Let us continue to fight for the “least among us” for if we take up their cause, indeed, we fight FOR God Himself, who will not only remember us in this life, but certainly in the next!

    Do your best to vote for life and, in the process, have NO REGRETS, so that, in the next life you can stand without fear, shame, guilt or anxiety before the Just Judgment Seat of God.

  5. I understand what you say you meant to do. I sincerely believe you could have used any number of examples to prove your point. The timing of the obama story made what you say very suspect.

  6. Actually not “suspect” at all. I only posted a video from another site and the video is very to the point. It is very clear what the video is trying to convey. Obama came from difficult circumstances and he has achieved a great deal. His mother made it possible by giving him life. The video is say that if he would work to end abortion, others may have the same opportunities.

  7. Dear Admin,
    do you think Obama could be converted?
    I have heard from other realms
    that he is highly spiritual.
    Forgive me, but I consider him to be
    a wicked spirit in a high place.
    how should I deal with these conflicting feelings
    I have towards my Nation’s president?
    my honorific mentality toward the Christ -Child
    makes me hateful toward Obama.
    I honor the Christ-Child daily
    by having once and for all
    set up my little christmas tree
    with little white lights
    and the image of the Infant Jesus
    in a manger below it
    out on my apartment balcony.
    I visit this scene everyday
    if only to be pacified
    where anger wishes to exercise
    the power of Time and Death
    over Obama
    by virtue of ardent prayer.
    I will avoid it for now,
    the ardent prayer to see Obama’s own end.
    I turn to Rome
    and see the Holy Spirit now
    in the Flesh of Pope Benedict XVI.
    It is true.
    He is the Lord,
    the Third Person of the Holy Trinity.
    Do not doubt, Thomas, but believe.
    God has visited His people.
    He has come to His people and set them free.
    He has remembered His promise
    to the House of Israel,
    the New Israel,
    to save Us from Our Enemies,
    freeing Us to worship Him without fear,
    holy and righteous in His Sight
    all the days of Our Lives.
    We must seek the forgiveness of Our Sins
    and then We will know the way of salvation.
    Be ready for changes.
    – Rebecca
    Texas, USA

  8. With God, anything is possible. We don’t have to like what a person is doing, but we have to love them. That means we desire their good and salvation. We should pray for Obama and for all of our politicians, that they may come to see the dignity of ALL human life and decide to protect and defend it despite the political repercussions.

  9. Thank you Father Finelli for your most wise response to criticism to the “Obama Video”.

    What I do not understand is, how pro abortion people can forget that some day sooner or later they will stand before God to be judged.

    Neither do I understand why the American people allow their president to promote his personal cause taking advantage of his post.

    As Rebecca from Texas said: “He is a wicked spirit in a high place” unfortunately, his long arm reaches my country too. However time will tell, see what our Lady of Guadalupe does for his Mexican children….

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