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Vatican investigation to be headed by Cardinal Ruini — 6 Comments

  1. I’ll say this ,,,,,,,,after watching how the Vatican declares something a miracle–im glad that we lay people are not required to go through the same process to believe that something is a miracle…………if that were the case we would all be wanting scientific proof of everything and we would not even have time to consider our Faith…….something to think about….now dont get me wrong this has to be investigated,,,,,but lets also show a little faith……….love in CHRIST…..george………

  2. sorry and i respect to opinion in everyone! because God gives us Faith to believe! i think we have to believe in JesusChrist’s Mother! these events is growing up our faith! miracles are many! like we! like the days! like earth is turning all the time! i am not crazy! but somtimes contradicts science! then God is more than science! Science is short than the God’s faith!. maybe the science is not wrong! but who gets control in it! he or she or maybe they! are wrong!! letus accept to we are human! we are not God!

    regards to all

  3. I just pray there should be peace. I always think if God has created human y we are suuffering the different caste religion colour and so on. mother mary should help the humanity to bring together i feel that. i show money, and desire, is the cause of all evil. there is no justise in the world.

  4. Let’s look at the good side -the Vatican is only trying to decide whether to let us go to Medjugorje and if or not- it is good for us. Obviously it is. And obviously they will rule they are still undecided as to the authenticity of it but it is doing no harm and– to the contrary — much good and we can still go if we wish.
    They have no choice! When they rule it is real–it will be time for the secrets to start–simple — they are waiting til heaven is ready for such a big announcement and we too must be patient -meanwhile we are fine –we have Mary, we believe, and it is a great comfort we surely need–so no worry! Just do as Mary says –that’s what it is all about — and thank God for such wonderful help in these times —

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