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  1. We are in deep need for the church to become strong after much has happened to turn people away. Satan has worked his evil in the church but i quote the fires of hell will not prevail against her(the church). I support your project and that you will consider this for the good of our communities and our country.

  2. I feel so proud and inner joy to express u very humbly that out of happiness i am mailing for what you all our doing now for the world and people .May mother mary help u all.

  3. I just want earth should become. one. I like the catholic system giving chance for cross marriage. because by any means people they convert . one way or other way.my friend criticize ones .I felt so much taken up. and I out of sadness started praying .I told mary ‘Mother mary I bet u please if this girl becomes a catholic .and one day while having breakfast she suddenly told us she wants to become catholic. we were so surprise. we took her to superior mariana. she spoke to monica and we prepared her for baptism. she took baptism and my friend marium her god mother. story is not yet finished. one day she told me ‘lucy I want to go for the training. with much difficulty I made her get admission to the nursing school. our sister principle was not willing to keep her but i was insisting superior to keep her. I was sad and not going for mass because she did not keep her . then one day my superior went to bring her by herself and gave me surprise, she calld me in the office and told me ‘lucy see who came.’monica was little sad. because 1st she was not accepted as a student. she did her trainig and unknowingly she met her own tribe man one who is hindu .he became catholic and they married. As mary says love can make us one family.

  4. bertha my cousin .had many friend ,because of her sweet voice and cute face. but non of them married hsr. Her very nice and seet nature, she use to carry rosary in her skirt tucking always. She was the prayer sample of rosary to me. Many times I feel lazy to pray but when I think of her it give me strength to pray. Out of frustration and for the job she left to area where she can earn money and live her life. while working there she met a friend who was brahmin. they liked each other .she asked permission our father thought boy will live her. no permission. she went to bishop asked permission .got permission. got blessing .she suffered but she never left the rosary. husband was still hindu but he loved her. because of her sweet nature. It is very surprising after 15 years of marriage He homself told that he wants to take baptism. unbelievebile but fact. now family members slowly steping starting with mother in law. unbelivbile but fact.

  5. I feel the catholic have their very enchanting and smart and graceful nature those who arte in big big post in religion department.not only that those lay people engaging in office, or other social environment. because the most 0f the time they live in social environment.learning and sharing from each other. they have peculiar gift from god and mary i can say. and this the social living and colaboration make them to live this way.their way of bringing children as a student and train them is a gift from god.my husband had gone for bible class out of catholic religion somewhere, but due to some unpleasant experience he left the institution.. but i need prayer to saw him the real love of our spirit .the spirit i experience i will never find.thank you.merry christmas.

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