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  1. Thank you fr. finelli. pray for me and for my family. I have sent to th parishes whomever i know or not know thinking that they can give this messages to people in the parish. I just need a blessing and a good paying job and my husband and his family to understand Mother marys grace as for them she is godess. they say devi ,devi means holy lady . I do not know .after praying a lot I met my husband and when I met him I told Mother Mary’Mary my mother which ever way I married please look after me and he. I just want him to saw Mother Marys love to him which he need very much. now I am planning to give him catechism class which he is very much fond of.kindly pray for him that holyspirit may touch him. thank you father. May you be holy always in the Moers Marys shelter. thank you.

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