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Is seeing believing? How the church faces claims of Marian apparitions — 5 Comments

  1. I want to publish it. kindly I just want to express the sincere thanks to you all. today most of the peoples eyes on moon telling that Mary is appearing in the moon with baby jesus. I use to forward message to people whom i know recently too. one of my junior told that Mary is appearing in the full,oon. with curious I went to see. Then I saw the same picture which I had seen some years ago when I was very small this same seen. I use to see ofen and I never realise what it was. I never told to anybody ,because I dont know what it was. for me that was may be some shadow of other picture reflecting there. But the girl told me in south india people are runnig to see that as a mary holiding baby jesus .the girl is from other group of christian those do not belive mary. the girl told me that one of her mothers eye is blind, and she could see very clearly the picture. and she told me she can see. I dont know. they say it is appearing very clearly in south. I too saw but some time it blinks and difficult to concencentrate because my eyes too is not good in vision. And I am very that testimonys are proof out to be true.I wish Mary could appear every country .

  2. I have been with nuns and taught about the faith of Mary . I still remember how we were praying every day rosary. I will never forget the lesson I have learnd from them. my faith was going down inbetween because of so many ups and down. and it was the time when I was too depress I was miraculously intriduce to medjugorge and lourds incidence .I hope and believe Mary will do some thing good to me. thank you.pray for us father fenelli .May good lord help in your ministry.

  3. I have also witnessed the miracle of the sun with other pilgrims in May/98.
    Oct/98 on another pilgrimage we all witnessed Gospa, angels, cross mountain like it was attached & moving with our bus in a” solid white form of very bright light”.St. James Church was following blowing in wind.,drapped in fire with steples blowing with wind. Our Blessed Mother was by the church & graveyard moving away from church & back again, baby angel was flying on & off Her shoulder. Another time the statue need the church changed 3 dimension with soft colours. There is so much more…. I pray I will be around others someday, so as, to let everyone in the world know what Our Mother is asking us to do. I pray for the answer & for now I pray for all of us who have witnessed to get a platform to get Gospa’s message out there…
    God Bless

  4. My dear mother died the same day her first great grandchild Jacob was born. I was returning from Medjugorje & She passed away one hour before I arrived @ the hospital., she was 96. My mother had me @ age 44, my 2 brothers were grown up & working.
    Mom was a teacher & she told me while I was waiting for her to finish up one day she asked me
    what I did while waiting…I said to her, Mom, “I saw the blessed Mother today…I was 4 yrs. old @ the time. Over the years it would enter my mind if such event took place & knowing my mother wouldn’t lie to me. In Oct/98 I witnessed Blessed Mother with my other pilgrim friends. Amazing, I wanted to share this story.
    Mary A. McCarthy

  5. When I was a small child I had a dream about a very bright sun. One that hurt my eyes in the dream so much so I could not look at it.
    I don’t know what that means yet but reading about the 2 suns makes me think of Jesus and Lucifer. Lucifer was a beautiful angel full of the light of heaven, the most beautiful angel in Heaven and then he fell. Down onto the earth he fell. Jesus came and would bring his light into the world of darkness perpetrated by Satan when Eve was shown both good and evil. Satan is the false light of the world, Jesus is the Son(sun) of God made perfect. We must choose and make a decision soon. This is what I think the 2 suns mean.

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