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  1. What a caring Mother we have in Our Lady. She knows the ills that surround us – materialism. We are bombarded by the advertising media via TV, Radio, Cinema, Computers – you name it – the lot of this promising us false happiness. But Our Mother tells us the way to true happiness: through prayer, so that we may find Jesus in our temporal life on earth and then to enjoy His presence for ever in eternity.

  2. Dear brothers and sisters in the Holy Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ, I, too, am a pilgrim to Medugorje. One of the Visionaries placed her hands on my head and prayed over me at the request of a friend. This was at the time of Holy Week of 1991. I was one of those children whose heart was in deep darkness. Since then, my journey has been toward fullness of spiritual healing. May God bless you all. What I wanted to say is this: Our Lady Queen of Peace wants to lead us to Her Son that He may lead us toward His love….is the question: What is His Love? or “Who” is His Love? Remember: He has a Bride, as spoken of in the Book of Revelation. Mary leads us to Her Son. Her Son leads us toward His Bride, His love. She will be given the ‘deeds of the Saints’ to wear – white linen.
    It’s just a comment, kind of a long shot. Happy Advent and Merry Christmas to you all.

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