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  1. I believe Our Holy Mother speaking out to those who turn to Her in Medugorje is our only Hope now. She loves so much. She has so much to give. She wants to give us Her Only Son. And I agree with Rev.-Fr. Finelli when He says that Mary gives us Her Only Son as The Model for All Ages; for She echos His Words that He alone Is The Way, Is The Truth, Is The Life. Like the beautiful song is sung by Tony Martinez and Friends when they recorded their music from a studio in San Antonio, Texas to help out Rev.-Fr. Amanzeh of Africa so he could raise money to build a hospital for the children there, and he did, before he died, and he named it after our city of San Antonio – “St. Anthony Children’s Hospital”; And the song was “Carry the Light”. Tony sang it well when the words sung were: “Jesus conquered Death and Eternal Life is True.” May I, along with all of you, reach out now to every child that crosses our path, to put a smile on their faces and teach them to pray: “Jesus, You are the Way, You are the Truth, You are the Life… and teach them to kneel down and say: Jesus, You are my Lord, You are my God, You are my Everything. Let it begin with me. These are some fruits of Our Lady’s Presence here.

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