About Medugorje

Medugorje is a small village in Bosnia-Hercegovinia that has been the site of alleged apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary since June 25, 1981. Liturally millions of lay people, thousands of priests and hundreds of bishops have traveled to medjugorje since 1981. You can read the story about the apparitions, see the visionaries, investigate what Our lady has said about the secrets, read about Fr. Jozo, the pastor when the apparitions began. All this and more informaiton is available by selecting the links above.

About This Website

I started this website shortly after I got on the internet. It went live on November 21, 1995. After many years of publishing this site, I decided to purchase the domain name “Medugorje.com”. In the first days of this website, there were about 1-2 visitors a week. Today, we have around 4,000 visitors a month. I pray that all who visit this site will live more faithfully the Gospel message, because that is what Our Lady has been speaking since 1981.


On occassion, I receive eMail telling me that I have spelt Medugorje wrong. There are two ways of spelling it. You can spell it Medugorje or Medjugorje. Actually they are both acceptable. However, in Croation, they use Medugorje, because the “d” has a croos through it, giving the sound “ju” like in just.