People often ask how to go to Medugorje, so I offer the following advice.  There are two ways of going on pilgrimage to Medjugorje, you can travel with a group or go on your own.

Traveling on your own

Ask your travel agent to set up a flight to one of three destinations (or do it yourself online). 1) Split, 2) Dubrovnic or 3) Mostar. The closest destination to Medugorje is Mostar, however, Croatia Air has limited flights that arrive and depart there.

Once at the airport you have a few options: try to hook up with a pilgrimage group that has a charter bus to Medugorje. Most group leaders would be open to accepting a person traveling alone as long as there is room on the bus. You can give an offering to help pay for the bus. If that is not possible, you can take the daily bus to Medugorje (I do not have a schedule, you will have to figure that out when you arrive). Or if you wish to pre-arrange a room with my friends in Medugorje, they can send a taxi from Medugorje that will not charge as much as a taxi from the airport.

For information about room and board and available dates, check out Villa Via Pacis.

Join an Organized Pilgrimage

Select a pilgrimage from the links under Pilgrimages, or contact your local Marian Group or Catholic Travel Agency.